Thursday, February 12, 2015


Something new is here.  I am working on a site - EXOTICS OF THE WORLD - A place to go for sharing and learning.  Information will be added as we receive it by those writers around the world who would like to contribute.  Family Friendly is the main criteria.  Anyone who is wanting to share information about exotic animals whether walking, slithering, swimming, or flying, is invited.  If you know of anyone, spread the world.  The website will be  The site is live, but far from finished.  Content must be added and links created.  This is very time consuming, but this on going and ever growing project will never be complete.  Comments and suggestions are invited using this email:  This is a temporary email as the one for the new site is not set up.  The two sites will have some similarities, as they are meant to compliment each other.  Help make this project a success.  Be a part of something great for the world of exotics from the human viewpoint.
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