Monday, July 13, 2015



SYLVANIA, Ohio -- The Animal Behavior Center is slated to present its 2nd Annual 2-Day Animal Behavior, Training & Health Seminar October 3rd and 4th, 2015.The event features live education animals inside the free-flight Animal Behavior Center (great photo opportunity).  Attendees will learn about some of the animal behavior, training, & health issues that can present itself during the life of an animal, whether it lives on land, in the air or in the water.

Featured speakers include Dr. Karen Becker, proactive wellness veterinarian; Dr. Becker frequently lectures and writes about species appropriate nutrition, maintaining a balanced immune system and a resilient frame (her “Three Pillars of Health”).  She has co-authored the Whole Dog Journal’s Best Homemade Diet Book of All Time award, “Real Food for Healthy Pets.” She has appeared on the hit show Animal Planet, and is deeply honored to be named one of Chicago’s Top Ten Vets, according to Chicago Magazine. Deb Jones, Ph.D., is a psychologist who specializes in learning theory and social behavior. She has taught psychology courses at Kent State University. Deb was an early innovator in the use of clicker training techniques in dog training. Jason Crean, MA, MS is a degreed biologist, currently pursuing his doctorate, and an avid aviculturist, specializing in the propagation of green aracaris and white-backed mousebirds, President of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland, Mid-eastern Regional Director and Education Committee Chair for the American Federation of Aviculture and moderates the Holistic Bird Care and Avian Raw, Whole Food Nutrition groups on Facebook.  He runs a live animal education program that does free interactive programs for a host of different audiences as he believes education is the most important factor in keeping aviculture thriving.  Dr. Patricia Anderson is an anthropologist, anthrozoologist, and archaeologist who has been studying the human-avian bond since 1999. Pat completed her PhD in anthropology at the University of Chicago (1998). She annually teaches a senior/graduate level course in Anthrozoology, the study of human-animal relationships, to students in the Zoo & Aquarium Studies Program and others at Western Illinois University where she is tenured as Associate Professor. Lara Joseph is the owner of The Animal Behavior Center, LLC.  She presents workshops, travels, lectures, gives regular webinars and consults focusing on positive reinforcement interactions and modifying behavior through applications in behavior analysis. The Animal Behavior Center's mission is to provide an international education center focused on learning, improving, and continuing education for people interested in working with animals and improving their quality of care. The education is focused on strengthening the relationship through positive reinforcement and applications in behavior analysis. Seats can be reserved by going to

The Animal Behavior Center’s 2nd Annual Animal Behavior, Training and Health Seminar is expected to attract not only local but worldwide attention. We look forward to this event to continue to grow and become a successful educational opportunity to animal lovers worldwide. Owner, Lara Joseph, along with all our volunteers have kicked into high gear and are committed to making this event one that will be the most anticipated annual event in our area drawing attendees from all over the world.

Lara Joseph, Owner, The Animal Behavior Center
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