Friday, August 15, 2014


Helping Strays, the Humane Society of Monroe County really needs this. Please vote for our shelter so we can keep homeless pets comfortable in all weather conditions.


Follow this link to help us win this Shelter Challenge:


Most of the pets that come to Helping Strays need very basic medical care. Spay or neuter, vaccines and parasite screening and prevention are generally all that is required. Sometimes, though, a pet arrives injured or ill. Many medical problems are treatable and the pet, once healed, can live a normal, full and happy life. Sometimes the injuries and medical conditions are extensive and very costly to treat. Orphaned puppies and kittens also need extra help,The Pet-In-Need Fund is used exclusively for expenses involved in treating the injured, ill, abused and orphaned animals who make their way to Helping Strays.The Pet-In-Need Fund allows us to take in these animals and provide the treatment they so desperately need.
Ranging from burns and broken bones, through heartworm treatment and eye surgery, Pet-In-Need gets cats and dogs with treatable problems on the road to health and a permanent, loving home. Often, several animals will be enrolled in PIN simultaneously. In 2013, 13 pets were helped by the Pet-In-Need Fund. We have already surpassed that in 2014.
If you knew what these poor dogs and cats go through it would break your heart. Please hel...

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Just want to take a second to welcome Jim McConnell to our list of contributors.  You can visit Jim via his library page.
What great information he has to share about Quaker Parrot genetics.